Investment Focus

Owners that find themselves in the following unique and tailored situations may be an ideal fit with Ashbridge Partners:

  • Owners looking to monetize some or all of the value they have created within their business
  • Owners looking to take a less-active day-to-day role in operating their business (and a more active role in non-business interests!)
  • Owners who want to ensure continuity and support for their existing management team and customers
  • Owners looking for a partner to act as an upstanding steward of the business and legacy they have built

Attractive Financial Profile

  • Up to $100 million in annual revenue
  • Up to $10 million in annual cash flow
  • Stable and growing revenue
  • History of profitability
  • Consistent cash flow generation

Quality Business & Earnings

  • Track record of sustainable advantage
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Asset and working capital light
  • Opportunities for growth

Stable & Growing Industry

Unique Situations